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Artist Statement

I am influenced by mainly fashion and in particular Victorian fashions, the extravagance of couture clothing, the lace, embroidery and floral motifs are where my main focuses are. These influences mixed with my own personality as a maker creates a unique style. I make pottery that brings elegance and sophistication to my customer’s homes. Each piece is hand built and hand decorated by various means including impressing patterns onto the clay, inlay, slip resist, coloured clay, sprigs, stamps and feathering. My range includes tableware sets or individuals. As well as jewellery range. The majority of my work is made in porcelain but I also use stoneware.

My aim is for my work to please both the hand and the eye. Offer my customers a bit of luxury for their home decor and also their daily life.

Style is in all aspects of our life. And for someone looking for something petty you will certainly find it here.

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